Turn Your Living Room Area Into A Video Game

Microsoft’s New Technology Turns Your Living Room Area Into A Video Game


A new patent that has been filed through Microsoft shows your entire living room being transformed into an online game environment. The new technology is likely to be part of the Xbox 720 and will be able to project the environment of a game you’re playing into the walls of your games room.


The system is being referred to as “environmental display”. For Microsoft this would be taking the Xbox 360 Kinect to another level, and something no other console has carried out before.

The environmental display is apparently designed to tie in with Microsoft’s 3D Kinect glasses that have the ability to monitor where you are looking and create a 3D image.

Other than the projection system there’s a 3D depth camera that produces infrared light to find a player and put you in the environment. The environmental immersion system that Microsoft will perhaps 1 day be developing is an amazing feature, the Xbox 360 console was made even more productive with the release of the motion sensor Kinect, so is motion sensing the near future for gaming?

This sounds very exciting and will certainly take gaming to another level. The idea of virtual reality has existed over the past two decades yet it has never really taken off. Console developers have accepted high definition and now motion sensor technology instead. 3D gaming also has reared it’s head but gaming has yet to reach the levels of virtual reality. The concept of projecting an environment certainly appears to be using the concept of virtual reality and making it a chance yet there are several drawbacks.

The Xbox 360 bundles together a serious gaming experience and with Xbox Kinect you can choose to play more lively and entertaining games. One of the main defects of this system we can see is the call to have an empty room with white walls? How many of us have a spare room in our house that’s committed to our Xbox 360 console and has no furniture? Projecting an environment practically rules out the vast majority of avid gamers. Individuals merely don’t have a spare room and this is exactly where things get tricky.

If virtual reality has been depicted in television or films, it has often been made via a headset of some sort. Only time will tell exactly what Microsoft is planning with this patent yet we’re in for an interesting gaming future. It surely is a very intriguing idea, and one that might be formulated for the next generation of Xbox consoles.

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