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Mary asks…

Playstation 1 game zombie game?

Well, I remember back in 2001-2003 when I lived in Colombia I had a friend who had a PS1. I didn’t have one, so I went to his house to play, anyway he had a game where in the beginning you are dropped off in a helicopter. I remember this game was a shooting game, and I’m pretty sure it’s a zombie game.. anyway after you are dropped off you enter a room and instantly there is a zombie behind you, which I think you shoot. Well, this game had some skeleton zombies, I remember that, too. It also had these red zombies which jumped at you and crawled on the floor, I remember we used to joke and call them spiderman. Please, if anyone knows this game could you tell me? I have been trying to find this game since 2003, and I haven’t found it :l I would be really grateful to whoever gives me the answer!! Thank you in advance!

Author answers:

Resident evil?

Sandra asks…

What’s the best gaming console to get? Xbox 360, Wii or neither?

Just for the record, I like
Battlefield Vietnam (EA Games)
Rogue Spear (also EA Games)
the idea of actually moving to play a game. So in other words I’ve got no idea of cool stuff that’s recent, but I know I hate the prospect of playing Grand Theft Auto or Zombie/Alien killer games, and I can’t stand all the undead crap. Oh but Spiderman‘s cool as hell. Who’s got the best Spiderman game? So history-based 1st-person shooters where you get to rescue people, no undead please, or cutesy sports games where I have to actually swing or step or something. Your opinions are welcome! Doesn’t have to be comprehensive and exhaustive survey of the market, just shoot from the hip LOL

Author answers:

Well, I suggest looking at the game library available because in November the 360 will be getting the Kinect which revolves around movement.

The 360’s game library is composed of more serious gamer stuff, though I do not know about the games that will be out for Kinect, so if you are not a casual gamer, I really recommend the 360.

The wii is meant for casual play. There are only a few games for the wii that are considered “hard core.” But the wii is great for family play and really more for a multiplayer exp.

I still say to look at the game library of each to help your opinion.

Paul asks…

Does inFAMOUS have any zombies in it?

I have seen a few gameplay videos of inFAMOUS and it looks like a good game but I get scared easily. As an example In uncharted 2 the scene with the snow beast scared the crap out of me! I was too scared to even play the game again…I did but I was scared shitless…So I was wondering if inFAMOUS would be a good game choice…Is it like spiderman 3 the game or is it like a zombie hunting game? Thanks
Also what is the game about? What do you do in it? Is there anything in it that’s super scary? What’s the point of the game?

Author answers:

It doesn’t have zombies in it, but it has reapers and those are the people you have to kill.

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