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What to do when xbox 360 arrives from Microsoft?

William asks…

What to do when xbox 360 arrives from Microsoft?

I recently bought a xbox 360 second hand from this guy that tried to fix my original 360 but could not so I bought a 360 off him for $100.

My original was out of warranty and I did not want to pay a $100 to Microsoft to get it fixed. I found this guy online that has a business fixing 360‘s and mods them. I bought a new 360 from him that had a HDMI port. My original had major freezing issues and had the e71 and e69 errors and after they could not fix it, I decided to get this new one or one that worked because it was not really new just worked and thats what matters.

After three days of using it and it working fine it displayed the e74 error. I called Microsoft, set up a repair and sent it off. About a week since I sent it Microsoft told me that console was under investigation because it had a serial number that did not match the one that I gave out for the repair. After the investigation they found that is was tampered with. Which I knew in the beginning it was because the guy that I bought it off of told me it had a mod that allowed you to play games off burned CD’s. I just thought Microsoft would at least attempt to fix it because the serial number I gave them was still in warranty.

They told me, they were not going to fix it because they did not want to fix getting a electrical shock from trying to open it. Really? I don’t think there would be any current flowing in it if you don’t have any cables hooked up to it, to give it a current. Anyway, I checked my repair status for my console and to my surprise the console that was listed was a different one. I remember the 360 I sent off was a Elite system, it looked like a Pro on the outside with the white color.Elites are supposed to be in a Black color. Don’t ask why it was white as whatever happened to the xbox before I bought it is out of my hands.

So, the console that was listed was a 360 Arcade system and the serial number was different from the Elite I sent in so this has to be a replacement console they are shipping back to me. I called Microsoft and told them about it and from there records it says its the same console they are shipping back to me just not repaired. What? I told them that I saw that there was a Arcade system coming back to me and it has a different serial number telling me it is a new or replacement console. Microsoft was surprised by this, they told me if get a different console back like what I think is happening, to call them back.

Why? If I get my modded 360 back and I set it up and it gives me the E74 error I am going to be very upset. As I am getting a free invitation to the Halo Reach beta and I do not want to miss out on that. If I get a new console or at least new to me which I think will happen because I have seen proof its different from the one I sent in for repairs because of the different serial numbers then I am going to keep it. I have been through hell and back trying to get a working 360 for almost a month. I believe I am getting a replacement so I am planning on keeping something that is going to work.

What does Microsoft want me to do? Send it back to them? No thank you, They are in charge of what console comes back to me and it looks like they are giving me a replacement as they did not even attempt to fix mine. I learned a lesson and that is never to buy a console or any computer second hand as to what this experience has gave me. I know Trade N Play fixes console from what there site says. Does anyone know the costs for repairing a Xbox 360. That is going to be my plan, if I get my same console I sent in and I find out it still has the e74 error. Its either that, or see if Game Stop or Play N Trade accept a broken 360 for a trade in. So I can at least get some sort of a profit out of it to help me in saving up to buy a brand new xbox 360.

On the other hand if I am getting a completely different system, which I am pretty sure is going to happen since I have proof. Then I don’t have to worry about nothing if it boots up with no problems or error codes. Then again it could be my console I shipped off just with two different serial numbers which would be really rare. But I highly doubt that unless it has parts of a arcade and a elite system in it or the codes just mistaken it for two different consoles.

Which again would be very bad a strange. But I will refuse to believe that until my 360 arrives at my doorstep and until I hook it up and check numbers with it with what I have in my records. Also see if there are any problems with it starting up. I really think this is a completely different console from what xbox.com/support is telling me when I sign in to my account and check my repair status for the console. Different number, different system type, different xbox 360. It least it looks that way.

What should I do when I get “this” xbox 360? What should I do moving forward? As I can’t get a new xbox 360 until July and I am only doing that if I get my “same” conso

Author answers:


OK, so I only read as far as your having sent a modded console into Microsoft. Not the brightest thing to do. They’ll just send you back your console unrepaired, and if it wasn’t before it’ll be banned from Live now.

Daniel asks…

Being banned from Xbox 360?

Well, first of all, when i say banned i don’t mean banned like when they fully take it away. I’m talking about that thing when they take your GS away and put CHEATER on your gamer label thing. I didn’t know they could do this until recently. I know that 1 common ways are by modding your xbox 360. What types of mods do they mean by this, and how do they find out. Also, I play Halo:Reach a lot and I like to farm for Cr.

I’ve heard some stuff about Bungie finding out about people doing this and they get banned or whatever it’s called. What’s the chance of this happening, whats the punishment, and is this even true? I usually do the one on ONI swordbase with the Artillery locator.Does that one count? Also, does doing the Gruntapocalypse one count as farming credits.

Thanks for all your help. I just got my xbox 360 over the summer and I can’t lose it this quickly.

Author answers:

Bungie is more likely to reset your cR count and ban you from earning them for a time. Taking your GS away usually comes from when people hack the system to unlock achievements they didn’t earn. There are many ways to tell, most commonly when an achievement that requires you to be online (like win a multiplayer match) is unlocked while offline.

Even if your GS is reset, you aren’t banned from Live – you just won’t be able to earn those GS for the achievements you unlocked before the reset, and your gamerzone will be marked as “Cheater”.

Donald asks…

What Xbox 360 Game should I get!!???!?!?

Hi fellow Xboxers 🙂
I just recently got an xbox and have 50 bucks to spend on it. I have the 250 gig model and I have Mod 3, Halo reach, and Madden NFL 12. I am stuck on what to buy next. Please tell me if you have had good/bad expiernces with the following items I am trying to decide on. All Help is Appreciated!!! 😀

NBA 2K12
Microsoft Points
Halo anniversary
X12 Turtle Beach
Assassins Creed (Not sure which one to get.)
Or 12 Month gold (I already have about 4 months so I dont need this right away)
Or any other Games/Acceserries you think are good!!! Or tell me whatever You would buy if you were in my shoes. Thanks and God Bless.

Author answers:

Well I heard this a lot, well to start don’t ask for peoples opinions, review the products, use Youtube or Amazon for reviews on the products like I do. Then I will calculate my top 3 then watch them again, then pick a winner. But one thing, no point buying Halo, its just NO.1 but with better graphics.

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How do you hack games on the Xbox 360?

John asks…

How do you hack games on the Xbox 360?

okay well i have a friend who has always kept saying hes hacking games on his Xbox 360 and cheat and stuff well i have seen it like on some of the new game like Black Ops : Halo Reach but when he is playing online it like cheating where he can jump like 100 feet in the air and stuff

okay so i know this much already i think well he was explaining it to me a little that i would need a transfer cable so i can connect it to the computer but then i would have to get this program to open it then i would need to have some coding experience to change stuff or something

Author answers:

This is actually a very difficult thing to do. You don’t want to just go and look online for the answer, there are many ways listed online and many people may tell you things on answer sites or messengers, but the thing is that Microsoft cracks down hard on this type of technique. So this means that if you do a search for it, you may find hundreds of ways to do it, and yes they may actually be legit, at one time that is. Ways to hack the games change constantly so you have to keep updated with it. The best way is to find someone in the game already and make friends with them and ask them to teach you. That doesn’t mean to just find them and ask them straight out, most will lie yet again to you because if Microsoft knows then that way will be gone even faster.I do play the Xbox and know from experience that Microsoft cracks down hard on all of this, so it usually best if left undone at all. Even if you are lucky enough to find a way to hack the games, there is a high chance that you will be banned from online play. Unlike some of the other game systems, Microsoft bans your system, not the game or the IP, so DSL users who’s IP changes will still be banned or if you buy a new CD, and that is from all online play. Usually it is a freeze first then a ban however. You may be lucky enough though to get away with it, I do know a few people who have been doing it for a long time on the Xbox 360 and have yet to be caught. Best bet may to buy a PS3 instead and go with that.

Note: No matter what you do, hacking is ALWAYS against any company’s TOS (terms of service) and can and usually will lead to a ban on any system. Be prepared to lose all that you have if you go down this path.

Lizzie asks…

What Xbox 360 game should I get? if you could read. but if not, skip to the last paragraph.=)?

I have:

Call of Duty Black Ops – Its very addictive and Its pretty fun I play about an hour or 2 a day

Halo Reach – Its okay when i play online with my buds but if im playing alone, than i dont even take a second look at the game while im digging in my backpack for black ops.

Split/Second – Its not amazing its not bad,its fun racing friends and sometimes online and story mode is okay. I play it every once in a while when i grow tired of black ops. (thats usually when i rage quit which is almost everyday)

Ive had:

Burnout paradise – it was okay after a while i got tired of looking for every billboard or secret gates and getting new cars. online was no fun beacuse none of my friends had it and everyone else had way better, faster and stronger cars.

Need for speed hot pursuit – it was fantastic online, but i couldnt costumize cars and the career mode was repetitive and boring.

Ive rented or tried out:

Fallout 3- I didnt like it at all killing people at first was okay but after that it was boring and repetitve and it gave me a headache

Red dead redemption – this was pretty fun messing around online but the story was like fallout so i gave it back to my friend. he still thinks i should get it so we can play online together so im thinking about it.

Games ive liked on other systems;

Littlebigplanet – fun, amazing and it was unbelievable online and when building my own levels.
if it was on xbox i wouldnt be asking this question right now

Modern warfare 2 – me playing Black ops 1 year ago thats all i have to say

tekken 6 – ive really only played it for more than an hour when friends were over but its blast waiting for the controller to get to me so i can annihilate everyone. its definitely a game i would never give/ trade away though

grand theft auto – only part i liked was free roaming and have 5 stars while on a 20 story building dropping grenades onto the streets below filled with cops and innocent civilians and taking down helicopters by sniping the pilot. this game would mean nothing to me without cheats though. i just dont wanna do all that hard work for an ak47 or a rocketlauncher

Im only gonna talk about this next one because it was just that amazing:

Pokemon firered, diamond, and platinum-
I love these games so much, they are never boring, the battles are intense evolving and leveling up pokemon is satisfying, finding lengendaries and rare candies is also very fun. honestly, i could play for days without stopping (at least til the game is over) this is really the only story mode in a game that i actually could wait to keep playing. i sold my ds so i cant play pokemon white or black =*(

So basically i like first person shooters, leveling up is a must have if im gonna play a story mode, games i play should have fun online experiences, they need guns, usually free roaming/ running, alot of action or at least a good plot. i dont like mid evil themes or old themes like fable, assassins creed was okay i guess but got boring.
Ive been thinking about getting gears of war 3 because i hear they have great online now and the game just looks fuking amazing like halo and call of duty combined.
i loved littlebigplanet because the fact that and i can buid stuff using the games materials and my creativity and i canplay others levels and share my levels online and share with friends. halos forge was just way too confusing. call of dutys custom game mode options was okay but lacked alot of things.
pokemon was amazing because of the leveling up, evolving, having my own team that i trained and can control.
kinect also sounds fun with friends and family. some of my friends say its amazing and their 15 – 20 years old. their athletes too not even not it all geeks. im 13 so i think i can trust them
sports games like nba 2k11 and madden 11 could be fun too i played the demos.
plz take what i described into thought and answer by that.
so i like leveling up, shooting, free running, fun online multiplayer, fun split screen/ multiplayer, alot of action, and games where you can be creative and do things like create the things that you use in the game.
thx for all of your help
i heard portal 2 has a very short story and story is mostly all the game is. plus i dont think i want a puzzle game like that

Author answers:

Portal 2 is easy enough for small children to pick up the concepts (it teaches you thru game play) and complex enough that engineering students (me) can be sucked right in. The concept of the portals seems simple enough at first but then the full scope of what can be done sinks in and an evil giddiness over comes you. It is like the first time you solve a rubicks cube (without removing the stickers).This game is fun, addictive and ego building, but the best part is that there are NO bullets, blood spray, dismemberments, disembowlments, beheadings, chainsaws, or (thank god) zombies. It is also worth pointing out the charicters are quite funny.


Linda asks…

Xbox 360, Black Ops? New Player.?

Hey all,
I’m new to online gaming, and yes, at 23 I know I’m a little late to the game. I’m currently playing black ops and halo reach online. On halo, i get around 12/14 kills and 8/10 deaths a game. However, on black ops, I get around 3/5 kills and like 12 deaths every game. Some deaths are insane, as I’m shooting the hell out of people, like, literally and honestly hitting them, but they turn round and shoot once and I die. I know people cheat like that on MW2, but do they also do it on black ops? If not, and I’m actually that useless, then I could do with some players to play with and get better with, be it online and/or private matches. If anyone is interested, please add me – SixCarPileUp or leave your gamer tag here for me to add tomorrow. Thanks all 🙂
Not so much details, as just a quick response to the two quick replies. I’m looking forward to playing with/against you Mastiff, and I’m sure you’ll constantly destroy me.

I forget who posted the tips, I’m going to say Vex but i could be wrong. Those tips are great and I’ll definitely try them. Am playing combat training still on the first level, but even on that I’m still only level 6 so will aim to improve, thanks a lot.

Will check tomorrow, night all.

Author answers:

Well, you’re new and most guns on BO arent as powerful as MW2,which means a lot more bullets.
But here’s some tips-
1.When coming to a corner,dont rush in to it,instead slowly move around it while aiming at the corner,because people like to camp.
2.Run killstreaks that will help you- Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane- and as you get better- Blackbird and Gunship/Dogs.
3.Find a gun you’re most comfortable with. Most new players use the AK74u or FAMAS. Both are good guns. Famas can be even better silenced-it reduces damage at distance but it controls recoil more.
4.Find perks you like. Some good perks are- Ghost, Hardline, Scavenger, Hacker, SOH, and steady aim.
5. Throw some flashes! When coming to a spot that you may suspect enemies are at- throw stuns or flashes to check. These are good to use in any game type.
6.Experiment- Find some gun and perk combos that can give you the most kills with a few deaths. Not everyone goes flawless,or even like 20-2. Some games you’ll get lucky and just demolish the team,but as you get better,you get more kills. If you need training, do combat training and set the difficulty higher as you progress.

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