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Games on wedding party

Games on wedding party

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You can think of various games related to bridal shower games. Some of them are silly while others are serious and funny. This is the game usually played before the bride gets married. In order to make the game more interesting, you can ask her number of questions related to her husband-to-be such as where he was born, how many uncles and aunts he has and about his likings and disliking. If she is able to answer most of these questions correctly, she deserves a gift.One of the funniest games is to ask the bride to pretend that she is on her honeymoon and power has gone off. She is supposed to pick her stuff in the dark and prepare for the special night in darkness. This act can really be hilarious and funny.It is highly recommended to click the pictures of every movement of hers so that she can enjoy by looking at what she was performing at that time. In order to add more fun, you can add some silly items such as oversized sunglasses, garden gloves and oversized gowns. Ask her to find all those blindfolded without the help of anybody.

If you are planning to go for a sit-down and formal dinner, you will be amazed to know that games and activities can still be added to it. If this is a planned dinner, adding fun and frolic to it can be an excellent idea and people will appreciate you for this.The venue of the dinner can also make lots of difference. If you are planning to go to a restaurant for arranging a formal dinner; you can book a private room so that you are able to plan games and activities so that people can be entertained. One of the funny games includes “pin the veil on the bride”. In this, the person has to make a number of rounds blindfolded and then try to pin the veil on the bride’s picture. This may sound silly but it is considered to be an interesting game.If you have planned the food at someone’s house, there are wide ranges of activities, you can choose from. You can also take suggestions from people who are part of dinners. You can arrange for playing board games. In order to do that, you can divide people into groups and have everyone rotate tables.

It has been observed that dance makes the wedding more enjoyable. You may feel excited to see the first dance of the couple. People take part in dancing activities and this may bring life to the wedding events.There are numerous games you can arrange during weddings. One of the funny games include chicken dance. This may appear funny but this can be the most hilarious activity during wedding. You must encourage people to take part in this dance form so that everyone can enjoy weddings and can have fun.You can also mark the chairs with numbers and ask DJ to announce these numbers. When he says number “1” or “5”; everyone will start looking underneath chairs to find out their numbers. The person, who has been called upon, is supposed to dance to the tunes.The “snowball” dance can be one of the funniest activities during wedding. People, the bride and the groom are supposed to dance to fast music and songs. The males and females are able to bring back one male and female as part of the game. The games continue till the time all guests are dancing and are on the dance floor.

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