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Halo Reach Limited Edition

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Chris asks…

Is the Halo Reach Limited Addition Xbox 360 really worth the value of $400?

I am debating on whether to get either the Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360, or the new Xbox 360 Slim. But I have some questions on whether or not the Halo Reach Edition is right for me. Here are my Questions:

1. Is the Halo Reach Edition Kinect Ready? The reason I am asking this, is because when I compared both the Slim, and the Reach Edition, the Slim was Kinect Ready, but the Reach wasn’t. (Source: GameStop.com)

2. Have their been any major system problems with the Slim Console? Meaning, Hard drive overheating; 3 red rings of death; 2 red rings; system error; total system failure; CD/ DVD Drive failure?

3. If you own the Slim version of the Xbox 360, was it worth spending $300? Meaning, did you get your moneys worth, and have you had or haven’t had any system problems with it. If you have please list them. And where you bought the system.

4. What would you choose based on your System experience? The slim version? Or the Halo Reach Version?

5. If you were on a budget, and you were a MAJOR Halo fan, would you buy the reach 360 limited edition and the Halo Reach Legendary Edition plus the Limited Halo Reach Guide all on the same day?

Author answers:

If your really a MAJOR Halo fan then go with the Limited edition. To me the Limited edition may look cool a first glance but is actually just a regular 360 with paint. The slim is quieter, smaller, and kinect ready. Even if you weren’t going to buy kinect I’d still recommend the slim. If you had the money to buy the limited edition 360 but instead bought the slim you should have at least enough to buy just the regular version of halo reach If not Legendary edition.

John asks…

Problems with Halo Reach and Xbox 360?

I just bought the 4GB Xbox 360 with the Kinect ( the black Xbox) and Halo Reach. I made a map in forge world, and when I want to play it, the game doesn’t let me. I go to Custom Game and choose one of the maps I made, and it says user content not permitted. My theater mode doesnt work. I go to theather mode, and it has the 2 places where things are stored, local files and hard drive ( I think) and they’re both empty. Lastly, I cannot play online matchmaking with the general public. Out of the different options it gave me ( you can toggle these by pressing the Y button in the match making lobby) none of them have to do with playing online with the rest of the world. Do I not have a hard drive? Do they ship with hard drives, or do you have to buy them. Also, my friend told me that you had to have at least one of the DLC’s to be able to play online at all. Is this true?

Author answers:

4gb doesn’t have a hard drive (it has an internal storage), meaning you cannot save games/map packs or enter theater mode (last time I checked).

You need a hard drive, in which you can buy from Microsoft. They’re around $120. If you’re a serious gamer, it’s worth it because it’ll unlock many new features for you.

Betty asks…

How do I install Halo: Reach on my Xbox 360?

So, theoretically *cough* if I had a ripped copy of Halo Reach how do I modify my Xbox to allow me to play it (without opening the xbox up), and if I play it from a USB drive, with no hard drive, I cannot get banned right?

Author answers:

You obviously have NO knowledge whatsoever on this topic. You can’t play it from the USB drive (in theory you could but what’s the point of the disc?!) and you can get banned regardless of the presence of your hard drive or not. And the best part is they don’t just ban your account from Live. They ban your whole console from all online capabilities. Don’t do it.

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