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Abiding Pool Table Rules

Abiding Pool Table Rules

Article by Terry Daniels

To play pool there are many official rules and guidelines to ensure proper billiards etiquette and sportsmanship. The regulations can change from one billiards hall to another, but the important thing is to do all you can to be fair and courteous to other opponents.

Also, these regulations will vary between the various types of billiards out there and who is playing. For example, there are world regulations, general rules, supplemental rules, handicap rules, 6, 8, 9 and 10 ball rules, cutthroat guidelines, poker sphere guidelines, one pocket rules and cowboy rules.

The ones we will discuss are governed by the Billiard Congress of America and are considered official. You can always enjoy a game if everyone is playing fairly, honestly and to the best of their ability.

Do your best to ensure the integrity of each game in which you are involved. To avoid disputes, you can call your shots before it takes place.

Above all, you should be courteous to other opponents and not try to distract opponents while they shoot. You should remain quiet and respectful of everyone’s turn.

If a table has specific house rules, then you should abide by them. Also, be sure to be up front about all the regulations that will be enforced.

There is no fairness in making up rules after the game has begun. If any rules are questionable, make sure that they are established and agreed upon before the game has begun.

You should avoid sitting on the pool tables and always be award of your surrounding players as to not get in their way or interrupt their shots due to unobservant clumsiness. Also, be careful to not place your drink on or near the pool table.

If it spills, if can ruin the cloth. Chalk can also ruin the cloth if a glove is not used to keep the chalk to a minimum.

No one should bend or contort the pool sticks into any unnatural shapes. This would disallow any smooth, accurate strikes.

In fact, the stick should remain in front of the person at all times. Not only does this reduce the risk of hitting a passerby, but it also rids the chance of bending the stick.

Do not bounce or throw the pool spheres onto the table. The pool balls can break and the table can acquire permanent indentations which will negatively affect each game played thereafter.

There are also many online pool games to choose from. You can participate in an online snooker game, 8 or 9 ball game.

These pool games are free and offered by many different sites. The only thing you should be sure to do is check the listed quality pool games that do not install spyware onto your computer.

Protecting your computer is essential. However, while playing online, there is no chance of damaging the pool equipment, just your computer due to viruses and hackers.

When the spheres are racked, they must be placed in a triangle and the apex ball is supposed to be on the foot spot. All spheres must be lined up behind the apex ball and pressed tightly together so that they all are touching each other.

A legal shot requires the cue ball to be hit only with the tip of the cue, the end of the stick. If this is not in place, a foul has occurred.

When calling shots is involved, a player may shoot any sphere he chooses, but he must call where the ball and pocket will meet before shooting. Details such as kisses, caroms, combinations, cushions, etc. are not necessary to predict and are considered acceptable.

If a participant fails to pocket the ball he has called, then his inning is over and it is the opponent’s chance to strike. Of course, if the cue ball goes into the pocket, then that turn is forfeited and the turn goes to the other player.

The player then gets to place the sphere within restrictions on the opposite side of the table from the ball he chooses to hit. There are many other reasons for a loss of a turn.

Those include: if the ball crosses into the opponent’s half of the table, fails to contact the foot cushion, drops into a pocket, the ball jumps off the table, touches the long cushion or if it rests within the corner pocket and past the nose of the head cushion.

About the Author

Terry Daniels has played professional billiards for the last 19 years and written hundreds of articles about billiards and pool tables.

Contact Info:Terry DanielsTerryDaniels09@gmail.comhttp://www.PoolTables.com

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Billiards – More than 8-Ball Pool

Billiards – More than 8-Ball Pool

Article by Josephine Thunder

8-ball is the most popular billiard game in the world. It is so popular, that 8-ball pool is almost a synonym for billiards. However, 8-ball is only a part of a one big happy family of billiard games. 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, snooker, one pocket, balkline are all cue sports games. They all share a rectangular cloth-covered table, a long cue stick, a set of balls and an ambition to score, but they differ in their rules, objects, and even their terminology. Generally, billiard games divide into two types: pocket billiard games and carom billiard games. Pocket billiard games, usually referred to as pool games, are the type of billiard played on a table that has six pockets. In pocket billiard games, the players aspire to sink the balls into the table pockets, according to specific games rules. Carom billiard games, on the other hand, are played on pocketless tables. Only three billiard balls are involved in the carom games. The purpose of the players in most carom games is to maneuver their cue ball so it will carom off the other two balls, again, according to the specific requirements of the game. 8-ball pool is a pocket billiard game. Other popular pocket billiard games include 9-ball pool, 14.1 continuous (formerly known as straight pool) and even snooker. Snooker is the most popular cue sports in the UK. Even though snooker is played on a pocketed pool table, it is not governed by the same association that administrates pocket billiard rules. Therefore, pocket billiard general rules do not apply to snooker. The equipment used in snooker games is also different from the one used in pocket billiard tournaments. For example, the snooker table is a bit larger than the standard pool table plus its pockets are narrower. The terminology used in both billiard games is different as well. While pool players’ goal is to “pocket” the “object balls”, snooker players aim to “pot” the “red” or the “on-ball”.

About the Author

Josephine Thunder is a professional writer who focuses on the online gaming industry including online billiards, online backgammon, chess and other games. Josephine commonly writes reviews of online gaming sites (including pool sites such as http://www.play89.com, for example), articles on history of games and more.

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