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iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

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[amazon_enhanced asin=”B002H9LNGW” /]Betty asks…

iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

Which is better, the iPod Touch 4g or the iPhone 3gs?
Does anyone know where I can buy an iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4 without a contract, for about 300$?
What features does the iPhone 3gs have compaired to the iPod Touch 4g?

Also, on the iPod Touch 4g, can you download apps for iPhones?
There’s this piano app that I tried to download on my iPod touch 3g. It didn’t work, “This app is incompatible with the iPod Touch.”
I may be getting an iPod Touch 4g 32gb next week and I was wondering if it would be able to download the app? The app is called Magic Piano, it says it’s only for the iPad and iPhone???

Online shopping is not an option.
Should I get the iPod Touch 4g???
I do NOT want to jailbreak!

Author answers:

If you get the warranty, don’t jail break because it will now be void. From experiance it is VERY HARD to get that “any app for free” deal and it’s very unstable with updates. I would say get the iTouch 4g 32g. The iOS is designed as more of a “toy” and Apple premotes it as one almost (Game center.) You want a phone to be functional, and a toy fun. If you were running an iTouch 3g the panio app probably will work on a new 4g touch (unless its only ment for iPad but those apps will not pop up in iPhone/iTouch store) Also try updating your iPod to make sure you are running the latest iOS then re-try the app.

Also if you turn in your old iPod to Apple you get a discount on a new one 😀

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IPod Touch 4th Gen – The Hippest Go Gadget in Town!

IPod Touch 4th Gen – The Hippest Go Gadget in Town!

Article by kevin lee

Surely, at the present time, you’d find many kinds of go gadget just everywhere. These gadgets may have different features, operating systems or characteristics but they certainly are made for a single and simple aim. That is to keep you entertained. If you are one of those go gadget fanatic, you would definitely love the newest edition of IPod Touch which is the IPod Touch 4th gen. Apple has recently released this cool gadget for those who are looking for something more that the 3rd generation of IPod Touch doesn’t have.

Why is it so cool? Well, this go gadget comes with the following features that would without a doubt fascinate you:

FaceTime – This go gadget has a FaceTime feature that allows you to connect with your friends and see what they are up to giving you an impression that you are with them. FaceTime feature is the same as video calling without its high cost as with this cool go gadget feature, all you need is a WIFI which you can practically find just anywhere.

Retina Display – This go gadget named IPod Touch 4th gen gives you the luxury to look at everything with utmost clarity because of its retina display feature. This is one of the major developments Apple has made to improve their older version of IPod Touch.

HD Video Recording and Editing – This go gadget feature not just allows you to capture important moments in your life but it also lets you do some editing to it. And since it this high definition video camera feature, you can always expect for the highest quality of videos that you can take.

Game Center – This hip go gadget lets you play more games with many players giving more excitement. You can always check your status or rank and see if you have dominated your playmates.

Music – You can play your favorite music with this cool go gadget. With IPod Touch 4th gen you can always listen to your favorite bands and singers everywhere you go. To top that, this cool gadget has genius mix feature that creates instant mixes of songs for you.

Having these exceptional all of these exceptional features in just one gadget is totally cool. It’s like combining all the advanced features every gadget has today. This makes IPod Touch 4th gen the hippest go gadget in town!

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The Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Generation)-Features & Apps

The Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Generation)-Features & Apps

Article by Blueberrygirl

The new 4th generation Apple iPod touch 8 GB is Apple’s latest iPod and comes with many new features and capabilities. It also has a 15% larger battery which allows you to listen to 40 hours of music or watch 7 hours of video on a single charge. Here are some of the top features and apps for you to enjoy:


One of the best features is the Genius mixes and playlists. Through Genius, you can choose a song you like and Genius will select a playlist from your library that complements your original choice.

You can listen to your playlist, save it for later or have Genius select another playlist based on that song.

Another cool feature is the Shake to Shuffle, which lets you switch to a new song in your library by simply shaking your iPod.

This allows for quick and easy shuffling between songs.

You can also buy and download iTunes songs from any Wi-Fi enabled location, and use iTunes Ping to follow your friend’s music choices to get ideas for great new music.

Photos and Video

The new iPod comes with not one, but two cameras, one in the front for close up shots and one in the back for more distant wide angle pics.

It lets you record and edit videos, add music or still pictures to your videos and upload your movies directly to YouTube, Facebook or your own personal website.


You can play social games on your iPod by signing up for the new Game Center app.

This allows you to sign in with your Apple ID and assign your email addresses to the Game Center under one nickname and compete with your friends at different games, or bring them onboard as partners for multi-player and quest games.


You can download movies or TV shows to watch in HD on the 3.5 inch color widescreen Retina display. You can play, pause, or switch to different scenes with a tap of the display.

You can buy movies and TV shows through iTunes or even rent them for a minimal fee.

With the iPod touch 8GB (4th generation), you have your own personal entertainment center, with music, videos or games at your fingertips.

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