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iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

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[amazon_enhanced asin=”B002H9LNGW” /]Betty asks…

iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

Which is better, the iPod Touch 4g or the iPhone 3gs?
Does anyone know where I can buy an iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4 without a contract, for about 300$?
What features does the iPhone 3gs have compaired to the iPod Touch 4g?

Also, on the iPod Touch 4g, can you download apps for iPhones?
There’s this piano app that I tried to download on my iPod touch 3g. It didn’t work, “This app is incompatible with the iPod Touch.”
I may be getting an iPod Touch 4g 32gb next week and I was wondering if it would be able to download the app? The app is called Magic Piano, it says it’s only for the iPad and iPhone???

Online shopping is not an option.
Should I get the iPod Touch 4g???
I do NOT want to jailbreak!

Author answers:

If you get the warranty, don’t jail break because it will now be void. From experiance it is VERY HARD to get that “any app for free” deal and it’s very unstable with updates. I would say get the iTouch 4g 32g. The iOS is designed as more of a “toy” and Apple premotes it as one almost (Game center.) You want a phone to be functional, and a toy fun. If you were running an iTouch 3g the panio app probably will work on a new 4g touch (unless its only ment for iPad but those apps will not pop up in iPhone/iTouch store) Also try updating your iPod to make sure you are running the latest iOS then re-try the app.

Also if you turn in your old iPod to Apple you get a discount on a new one 😀

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