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James asks…

iPad’s iPod app alternative.?

I am looking for an iPad app that acts like the iPod app but let’s me download music from a web browser and organize them is some decent manner.

I am using a web server on my computer, that part all works fine. Just need the app on my iPad.

If you have any ideas what the best app capable of this is, please tell me. Thanks 😉

Author answers:

Don’t get him wrong, he’s not talking about illegal downloads, he just wants to transfer his own music to his iPad using a web protocol. The problem here is that iTunes and the iPod app monopolize music management.

I’ve been looking for the same thing but apparently there is no such an app. Currently, you can use apps designed to manage/transfer files through WiFi like FileBrowser and play/save those music files using a video app like AVPlayer which has its own file storage. There are other music players on the App Store but most of them are just skins for the iPod app or depend on the iTunes library.

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