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Halo Reach

Daniel asks…

how to connect my computer to my xbox 360 so i can download Halo Reach files to my xbox?

i want to download a Halo Reach file to my xbox 360 so i can play it. unfortunetly im not good enough to create this yet so i need to download. but when i click download to my xbox 360 it says “You must be logged in with a linked gamertag to download files to your Xbox 360” HOW do i do what i just quoted?

Author answers:

When you create you’re bungie.net account (or windowslive account) there is an option to link them. With your current account, just go to account setting and I think there is an option to link them

William asks…

Where do I download Halo Reach beta for Xbox 360?

Author answers:

Its in the spotlight section on the 360 dashboard currently, enjoy =p

Laura asks…

Can Halo Reach be downloaded onto the Xbox 360 250 gb hard drive?

I’m getting an Xbox 360 250 gb console soon, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to download Halo Reach onto the 250 gb hard drive. OR DO I HAVE TO GET THE PACKAGED RETAIL VERSION? If it is possible to download it, is it better than the packaged version?

Author answers:

The downloaded version and the retail version are exactly the same. Only difference is that you don’t need the disk, and all the information is stored on your hard drive, so it loads faster. Plus, if you ever switch xboxs, as long as you have your gamertag, you can download the game as many times as you want.

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