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Chris asks…

Is the iPad worth buying? Or should I just get an iPod touch?

First I would like to say yes, I can afford both. I’m not saying the price isn’t wants keeping me hesitant though. I’m just not sure which one I am going to enjoy more…

I love apps! I have a BlackBerry Storm 2, but from what I seen its not nearly as app friendly as the iPod touch (or the iPad I’m assuming)! I’m not saying I wouldn’t use music. I love music and definitely will put it on my iPad or iPod touch. I juts don’t know! I have a lap top… But I can definitely see myself doing school work and browsing the internet on the iPad and take advantage of the portability… I’m just not sure! If the iPad was only $399.99 I would but it hands down! Is it worth the price? vs the iPod touch, its the same thing just smaller! Right?
I think “Oh Shucks!” is jealous because he/she can’t afford one… LOL

Author answers:

The iPad is not just a giant iPod Touch, contrary to what many people here will tell you.

There are quite a few apps that are for the iPad only, and many more on the way.

The iPad, with the applicable apps, is much, much more productive than the iPod Touch. I would compare it more to a netbook than an iPod though it’s still not quite a full-fledged computer, but it’s close. With the availability of new apps and successive generations, the iPad will ultimately be what the iPod Touch could only dream of.

None of which is to say that the iPod Touch doesn’t have its place, I have one myself. But honestly, I wouldn’t miss it terribly if I didn’t have it anymore. I use mine strictly for e-books; and streaming internet radio, which is something I could just as easily do on a laptop, and I do. I don’t watch video on an iPod.

The games are getting stupider by the minute, especially the free ones. I’d much rather pay five or ten bucks for an adult game that has some goal other than to show off the touch screen capability.

Sure, it’s cool, but cool lasts about five minutes and then it’s time to put the thing to some practical use. The iPad has that practical use, the iPod Touch is losing it and just becoming a kids’ toy with kids’ games, for kids who are too cheap to pay for apps or content. I would recommend that you check out the App Store on iTunes, browse the iPod Touch/iPhone apps, then browse the iPad apps.

Then consider that you already have a Blackberry and its useful apps. Visit an Apple Store or a Best Buy store that has an Apple Shop. Put your hands on both after you’ve browsed apps. I don’t think you would regret going with the iPad. Already having a Blackberry, I think if you bought the iPod Touch, you would find it not very useful and not very productive.

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