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PlayStation 3 V Xbox 360?

Steven asks…

PlayStation 3 V Xbox 360?






Xbox 360


1. How did PS3 loose it’s popularity so fast when PS2 sold 114 million units worldwide? Right now XBox 360 is bascially killing PS3; Better graphics, better ratings and reviews and far more units sold.

2. What is the chances of PS3 making better quality games in the future when game delevopers learn to reach the full potienial of the PS3. Will the XBox 360‘s potienial power run dry and then the PS3 in a couple of years pass the XBox 360?

3. How good will GTA IV be on PS3 and Xbox 360? Will GTA IV smash all the previous Xbox and PlayStation records like: GTA: San Andreas and Halo 2, and win alot of game awards? Or will Halo 3 be the biggest hit on Xbox 360?

Author answers:

Xbox 360 all the way!! PS3 only sounds better because people believe what Sony tell them. It was the same with the PS2. It was so crap to begin with and people still flocked to get their hands on it. I know so many people who are on to their 2nd or even 3rd PS2 because of the poorly built console and the poor support from Sony.

As for the PS3 being the more powerful console, it’s not! Infact it lags a long way behind. The graphic bandwith on the 360 is about 5 times that of the PS3. (PS3 has a total system bandwidth of 48 GB/s while the Xbox has a total system bandwidth of 278.4 GB/s) Remember that the frequency of a processor (3.2ghz) is not whats important, it how many mb or gb per second it can push through.

This has already been shown in several games. Just compare screen shots for:
Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)


Gears of War (360)

The detail in the 360 game is clear to see.

Also have a look at this article about Ridge Racer. The reason for this lack of detail on the PS3’s part is simply because is cannot process the complex graphics as quick as the Xbox 360

Lots of people have also been saying ‘Just give the PS3 some time and there will be more and better games available than for the 360’. Well that is still a big question mark because as developers freely admit, it is a lot easier to develop games for the 360.

The last point I’ll make is about the whole HD vs Blu-Ray thing. This is more of an observation than anything. What if the HD/Blu-Ray war goes in favour of HD? Doesn’t that make the PS3 kinda useless for watchin movies? Also, Sony themselves have said in the past that playing a lot of dvd’s on the PS2 puts a lot of strain on the console. In the real world this ended up with a lot of useless PS2’s. Couldn’t the PS3 go the same way. At least with the HD option being an addon for the 360, u’ll only have to change the hd player if it packs in (or Blu-Ray win the battle). And these will be cheaper in future.

Now, just to really piss everyone off. GO BUY A PC!!! They have been giving us better performance and graphics for years 🙂

Hope that helps

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