Modern Warfare Domination

Modern Warfare Domination


The date is November 8, 2011, the time where the third sequel to the Modern Warfare series will be released.

Every fan is eager and excited to get
their hands on Modern Warfare 3 and burn the chairs until dawn.

Modern Warfare is really addictive even from the parts 1 and 2 and made me drool over the third chapter. The first thing that comes into my mind is that every part of the previous titles is still there with additional perks and improvements that will make it complete.

Modern Warfare 3 achieves a well level of balance on its game via several changes made to its levels, and kill streak system. The weapons have been modified to have proficiency levels which mean that you can have that same weapon and stick with it, building improvements as you go.
This makes your weapon more deadly and more accurate as the campaign progresses.
The next major change is the kill streaks system. They exist on the old Modern Warfare approach from support, specialist and the assault but in this sequel, you do not lose streak points when you die. Newbies can gain bonuses no matter how many times they die. The multiplayer is well-balanced, meaning that a newbie will not be totally obliterated by groups of skilled and more experienced Modern Warfare players and they still stand a chance to be the ultimate soldier.
The level of design has also undergone a delicate but much needed upgrade. There is a limited access on some of the maps which is acommon problem on Modern Warfare 2. The campaigns on these maps end very quickly and there are scenes where there is less opportunity for the lone sniper or camper to do its duty. In Modern Warfare 3, they have made some improvements on the maps where you can roam even more and some actions depend on your strategy.
There is this new Kill Confirmed mode, which is a clever step on classic team death match games. The game is like this; every time you kill an enemy they leave their set of dog tags, which you have to run and pick it up to get an extra fifty points and a point for your team.
But if someone in the opposition overruns you and gets to them first, the opportunity for the points is lost. This means that when you die or someone else is killed, everyone begins to sprint for the dog tags that are left floating in the map and where a massive firefight follows.
This is a new addition to the Call of Duty Multiplayer modes.

Modern Warfare 3 appreciates the return of the much loved spec ops mode. These mini games and challenges are highly addictive and push every
player’s gaming adrenalin to the limit. Truly Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a spectacular game everyone is eager to get their
hands on. No eager Modern Warfare fan will make an excuse not to have one.

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