How to play fifa 12 modded disc on hitachi 47d xbox 360?

Joseph asks…

How to play fifa 12 modded disc on hitachi 47d xbox 360?

my xbox 360 has the hitachi 47d dvd drive im on dashboard 12625 im able to play games like mortal kombat halo reach but fifa 12 requires me an update and i know that if i do it i will loose my mod , so can please anyone help me how to make fifa work

Author answers:

Well, it’s not very easy to do this. I’ve never actually burned a copy of a disk, I always just downloaded the files straight up and put them onto a flash drive. Usually a 10 Gigabyte flash drive is perfect for this, and you can get it from pretty much any store for about $15. It’s a life save too, because you can use it over and over again. I’ve played Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Halo Reach, and many other games for absolutely free.

If you didn’t know, on April 4, 2012 – Microsoft gave the Xbox 360 USB FAT32 support for all of their previous and later Xbox 360 models. This allowed users to upload their music onto their console and play their wanted files right from the USB flash drive.

What they didn’t probably want to happen was for you to play games on it, but of course – you can easily do that.

All you have to do is download the files, put them onto your flash drive, plug it into your Xbox, and transfer them right over. It’s simple as that, and you can play any game online as if it were a normal Xbox 360 game.

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Steven asks…

Question about modded controller for Xbox 360?

I’ve looked into getting a modded controller for xbox 360, mainly for Halo Reach and Call Of Duty Black Ops. Black Ops for zombies and Ranking Purposes, and Halo for Ranking purposes. I’m already good at both games, but for zombies it would help me survive and im only colonel grade 3 in Halo Reach and i want to get cooler armor. I will not use it for clan battles or stuff like that. I also want it for the nice designs and silky feelings, and also because my controller is wearing out. I just wanted to know what mods u would suggest i get for it for these 2 games. I don’t need quickscope, active reload, or fast reload ( because it’s only for Mw2, i think). If there is any others tell me. Also, im getting this off of . If there are any better sites please tell me. Also, tell me if the modded controller has worked good for you in these games, especially Halo reach. Also, what design do you suggest i get? Lastly, do you know if the new games coming out for the 2 series such as MW3 and any new Halo games will be supported by Gamingmodz controllers or anywhere else?

*If you comment saying I am a cheater or to anyone else who answers, i will flag you, report you as spam and so on. So please do not do such a thing, im only curious of how well these controllers work.

Author answers:

Gamingmodz is the place watch out if you get rapid fire they gave me a lil tiny buton on the bottom of the controler that cuts my finger when i press it i was expecting just to be able to pull the trigger and shoot repeditively 🙁

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