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iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

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[amazon_enhanced asin=”B002H9LNGW” /]Betty asks…

iPhone Vs. iPod Touch 4g questions?

Which is better, the iPod Touch 4g or the iPhone 3gs?
Does anyone know where I can buy an iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4 without a contract, for about 300$?
What features does the iPhone 3gs have compaired to the iPod Touch 4g?

Also, on the iPod Touch 4g, can you download apps for iPhones?
There’s this piano app that I tried to download on my iPod touch 3g. It didn’t work, “This app is incompatible with the iPod Touch.”
I may be getting an iPod Touch 4g 32gb next week and I was wondering if it would be able to download the app? The app is called Magic Piano, it says it’s only for the iPad and iPhone???

Online shopping is not an option.
Should I get the iPod Touch 4g???
I do NOT want to jailbreak!

Author answers:

If you get the warranty, don’t jail break because it will now be void. From experiance it is VERY HARD to get that “any app for free” deal and it’s very unstable with updates. I would say get the iTouch 4g 32g. The iOS is designed as more of a “toy” and Apple premotes it as one almost (Game center.) You want a phone to be functional, and a toy fun. If you were running an iTouch 3g the panio app probably will work on a new 4g touch (unless its only ment for iPad but those apps will not pop up in iPhone/iTouch store) Also try updating your iPod to make sure you are running the latest iOS then re-try the app.

Also if you turn in your old iPod to Apple you get a discount on a new one 😀

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Latest Ipod – Ipad – Iphones

James asks…

iPad’s iPod app alternative.?

I am looking for an iPad app that acts like the iPod app but let’s me download music from a web browser and organize them is some decent manner.

I am using a web server on my computer, that part all works fine. Just need the app on my iPad.

If you have any ideas what the best app capable of this is, please tell me. Thanks 😉

Author answers:

Don’t get him wrong, he’s not talking about illegal downloads, he just wants to transfer his own music to his iPad using a web protocol. The problem here is that iTunes and the iPod app monopolize music management.

I’ve been looking for the same thing but apparently there is no such an app. Currently, you can use apps designed to manage/transfer files through WiFi like FileBrowser and play/save those music files using a video app like AVPlayer which has its own file storage. There are other music players on the App Store but most of them are just skins for the iPod app or depend on the iTunes library.

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Latest ipod – ipad – iphones

Chris asks…

Is the iPad worth buying? Or should I just get an iPod touch?

First I would like to say yes, I can afford both. I’m not saying the price isn’t wants keeping me hesitant though. I’m just not sure which one I am going to enjoy more…

I love apps! I have a BlackBerry Storm 2, but from what I seen its not nearly as app friendly as the iPod touch (or the iPad I’m assuming)! I’m not saying I wouldn’t use music. I love music and definitely will put it on my iPad or iPod touch. I juts don’t know! I have a lap top… But I can definitely see myself doing school work and browsing the internet on the iPad and take advantage of the portability… I’m just not sure! If the iPad was only $399.99 I would but it hands down! Is it worth the price? vs the iPod touch, its the same thing just smaller! Right?
I think “Oh Shucks!” is jealous because he/she can’t afford one… LOL

Author answers:

The iPad is not just a giant iPod Touch, contrary to what many people here will tell you.

There are quite a few apps that are for the iPad only, and many more on the way.

The iPad, with the applicable apps, is much, much more productive than the iPod Touch. I would compare it more to a netbook than an iPod though it’s still not quite a full-fledged computer, but it’s close. With the availability of new apps and successive generations, the iPad will ultimately be what the iPod Touch could only dream of.

None of which is to say that the iPod Touch doesn’t have its place, I have one myself. But honestly, I wouldn’t miss it terribly if I didn’t have it anymore. I use mine strictly for e-books; and streaming internet radio, which is something I could just as easily do on a laptop, and I do. I don’t watch video on an iPod.

The games are getting stupider by the minute, especially the free ones. I’d much rather pay five or ten bucks for an adult game that has some goal other than to show off the touch screen capability.

Sure, it’s cool, but cool lasts about five minutes and then it’s time to put the thing to some practical use. The iPad has that practical use, the iPod Touch is losing it and just becoming a kids’ toy with kids’ games, for kids who are too cheap to pay for apps or content. I would recommend that you check out the App Store on iTunes, browse the iPod Touch/iPhone apps, then browse the iPad apps.

Then consider that you already have a Blackberry and its useful apps. Visit an Apple Store or a Best Buy store that has an Apple Shop. Put your hands on both after you’ve browsed apps. I don’t think you would regret going with the iPad. Already having a Blackberry, I think if you bought the iPod Touch, you would find it not very useful and not very productive.

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New Apple Macbook Pro – The Pros and Cons?

Lizzie asks…

New Macbook Pro?

so im 12 and i want a new macbook pro, i have the old macbook white and its like 3 years old i got it when i was nine so now i want to upgrade and my dad says i have to make up 10 reasons so he accepted 4 of them and i need six more. here they are and if some of them r not true, i didn’t care, he believes it.


Cheaper in the Long Run
The mac comes with a iPod touch, which daddy can use for business AND a bunch of other stuff totaling up to $140 which we spent on the previous mac! We also get $150 off! All this BUT there is a deadline… sept. 7 2010 and threes more to offer rather than windows…. Which is generally cheaper than mac.

Powerful, Stable Operating System
This new mac will almost never crash! So I can keep it for more years.

Best software and stuff
Apple’s applications are useful, enjoyable, and innovative, I can even make my own app and make a lot of money! And I meet all the requirements, I have an iPad, an iPod, pretty soon an iPhone 4 in 2 days.. so threes another way to make extra money! ;).

Buy a new mac now and get help for free
You get free genius bar help! You have the choice to buy a windows, going all across town trying to find a cheap place to fix your PC, but if you buy a new mac around now, you get free genius bar services wherever you are.. Especially since the closest place they have an awesome genius bar is apple on Old Orchard, which mom knows like the back of her hand, since she goes there everyday to “return” stuff 🙂


Easy to use
Macs are generally so easy to use and kid friendly. It also has pages, which is so much easier to use.

Better Protects Laptops
When I’m using my new mac, it will be much better because most likely, ill be all over the internet trying to find the eating habits of a monarch butterfly. So if possibly one site has a virus, my mac will inform me of it or not let me visit this site at all.

Details Count
You can buy a perfectly pleasing Windows PC that matches a Mac’s CPU speed, RAM, hard-drive space, and other specs for a lot less money. But it won’t have an AC adapter with hooks that let you wrap up the cord for travel, or a MagSafe connector that won’t get damaged if it’s accidentally yanked out of the computer. It won’t have an oversized touchpad with multitouch gestures that help you navigate through documents and around the Web. And it will likely be heavier and bulkier than a comparable Mac.

You can use Windows on a mac but not mac on a windows
If I ever decided I wanted to learn how to work with windows in my free time, I can download windows application one by one

Its perfect for school
My school uses macs, so if I forget my typed up homework, I can just go on the servers and select it, print it out in the computer lab and not get a bad grade for forgetting it!. Why cant you use the mac you already have.

Macs update a lot
Macs update every week, but if I wanted to update my p.c., ill just have to get a new one! Imagine, spending $500 a week for new updates!
im NOT freakin spoiled, so plz stfu

Author answers:

“Powerful, stable operating system”? What a joke. I use a MacBook Pro at work, and the damn thing crashes on me constantly. And when it’s not crashing, it’s hanging/pinwheeling. Granted, I use it for a lot more just than surfing the internet and doing homework… But the myth that Mac OS is more stable than any other operating system is just that. A myth. Incidentally, I’m an IT professional (primarily PHP development), and if it *weren’t* for the fact that my company was Mac-dependent when I was hired, I wouldn’t even have one for work.

Best Software? Eh… It depends on what software you need, really. I can’t even count how many times I’ve needed a program that was Windows-only or Linux-only and had to hunt all over heaven and earth for a Mac equivalent (and half the time I didn’t find one). If you’re talking typical everyday software, sure… But if you ever need something for a specialized job, good luck.

I’d also debate the “Cheaper in the long run” idea. IF you can get them to last that long, sure. They’re cheaper. The problem is that if something goes wrong with one of them it WILL cost you a small fortune to have it fixed, especially if your AppleCare has run out (and depending on the problem, sometimes even if your AppleCare is still in effect). And the Genius Bar, as good as the idea is, is only as good as the staff they have working there at any given time. Some of them know what they’re doing, and some of them are complete idiots.

I should also point out that Mac OS is just as riddled with security holes as Windows is… The only difference is that Mac doesn’t have the market share to make those security holes worth exploiting to the people out there writing malicious code. However, Macs are insanely popular right now, and a lot of people in the IT industry think that the protection of obscurity Mac has enjoyed for so long might not be around for much longer. And when that happens, Mac users are going to be in for one heck of a reality check.

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What are these Apple laptop hardware options?

Carol asks…

What are these Apple laptop hardware options? Can someone explain?

I’m going to buy myself a Macbook Pro from a reputable website store online. I am getting it because I want to use it for my Graphic Design course needs (Adobe apps, video stuff, and possibly hard drive space for gaming as well, if it doesn’t affect my laptop’s performance)

I’m going through my options for the laptop and there are some things/terms I don’t understand – can someone please explain each one – what they are and what they can be used for, so I can make an informed choice whether to add them or not?

-DisplayPort to DVI
-DisplayPort to VGA
-500Gb SATA drive upgradeable to 500Gb 7200rpm or 256Gb Solid State Disk (SSD) – are these upgrades worth it? Will I need them?
-4Gb RAM is pretty good, right? I ended up hating my PC because it always pestered me about running out of RAM (and that was just having Photoshop open with Illustrator or InDesign, most of the time! Ridiculous.)

– iWork09, or Office 2008 Home Edition for Mac? Is there a difference (aside from iWork being cheaper), or is iWork essentially the same/compatible with Office?

admin answers:

THe display port adapters are to use your laptop with a larger monitor. DVI is better, but the monitors are generally more expensive, VGA is older but still pretty good.
The standard SATA drive is at 5400 RPM and an upgraded 7200 rpm will slightly increase “seek” time, meaning somewhat faster initial loading of large files. The SSD is essentialy a gigantic USB thumb drive as your main hard drive. It is about half the size of the other drives, more expensive, very fast, and probably not worth the money at this point. You could buy it if you like spending money.
For the RAM, 4 GB is plenty, see link for more info. You could get away with 2 GB, but if you will be using it consistently for Graphic Design, i would recommend the 4.
I would get the Office just for consistency, Microsoft simply has a huge marketshare in this department. I would also experiment with Open Office and see if you like that first before spending anything on any suites. See link.

Maria asks…

MacBook Air Questions?!?

I have a few questions. I’m thinking about purchasing a MacBook Air. I’m going to be using it for school – powerpoints, reports, research, etc. I’ll also be using it for the facetime, camera, social networking, watching videos, e-mail, and ordinary web-surfing. I won’t be using it for any kind of games, or things like that. I’m going to be using it a lot. My questions are:

1. Which is a better choice? The intel core i5 processor, or intel core 2 duo processor?

2. How does the internet connections work? I don’t have wifi at my house, which is the place it will be used. Can I still use the internet? Do I just plug it in to the wall? I’m really confused on this one. Here’s what it says on the Apple website: “When you’re wireless, you’re truly mobile. That’s why MacBook Air features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Wireless connectivity allows you to browse the web, send email, and print documents no matter where you are.4 MacBook Air weighs almost nothing, so you can go from room to room, dorm to dorm, or cubicle to cubicle and stay connected. Being wireless also means you can download apps from the Mac App Store anytime you want. With thousands of Mac apps available for download with just a few clicks, you don’t have to bother with going to the store to buy software on disc or worry about a growing pile of CDs and DVDs. Apps download instantly right on your Mac. If plugged in is what you want to be, MacBook Air has you covered there, too. Two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot (on the 13-inch model), and a headphone port give you plenty of options. And the Thunderbolt port connects to the new Apple Thunderbolt Display and high-speed Thunderbolt peripherals such as external hard drives.” <—-what does this mean?

3. Does it come with a microsoft powerpoint program? Microsoft word? (Or programs like them?)

4. Would you recommend 2 GB of memory? Is that enough for school stuff?

5. On the apple website, it says “AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi (based on IEEE 802.11n specification)3 Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) wireless technology” –what does that mean?

6. Do i have to buy a Apple USB Ethernet Adapter?! If so, what does it do? Does the computer work without it?

7. Every Mac now has “OS X Lion”…what does that mean?

8. There’s the option to change different things, and “Build your own Mac” on the Apple Website. Is there any way I can put an intel core i3 processor in it instead? How much cost would that take off? Or is it better to leave it as it is?

Does anyone know where to buy them the cheapest? If it’s online, I would prefer free shipping..?

Does anyone have any reviews? My second choice was a Dell Inspiron 15r. Would you recommend one brand or the other? One laptop or the other? Don’t tell me that you would recommend the Dell Inspiron because it’s less expensive. I understand that.

admin answers:

You can Buy at here link

Helen asks…

Is a Netbook a good computer for me?

Lately I’ve been looking into the Netbooks at I’m wondering if they’d be a good fit for me? I’m just looking for a cheap 2nd computer (we already have a desktop that my bf is usually on) that I’ll be able to connect to our current internet. I would mostly be using the computer to store photos, surfing the net (myspace, news, craigslist, ebay, etc), and editing pictures online. I don’t play video games, I won’t be watching movies on it, and I don’t download music.

Do any of you own a Netbook? How do you like it? Would you recommend it? Do you think it would be alright for me? Any other info would be great, thnx!! 🙂
Oh, and would I be able to download MSN messenger on it?

admin answers:

Netbooks are designed for surfing the net. The normally don’t have very big hard drives or very powerful processors. If you are not going to do any gaming or process spreadsheets or databases, a netbook is a pretty cool little laptop. I have used one for a few weeks and it works great for email, web browsing, facebook etc…

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