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Facebook Game Played Live With Cell Phone

Facebook Game Played Live With Cell Phone

Article by Gen Wright

Have you ever tried playing a game on your cell phone before? If you have, you probably noticed several problems with traditional mobile games.

When mobile games first started, they are simple games, mostly developed in Java to keep the cell phone owner entertained – especially when he or she is on the move. But as hardware and software continue to advance, mobile games have become more and more sophisticated as well. Consumers are also becoming more and more demanding.

Cell phones are becoming part of everyone’s life styles. Graphics have become more stunning, and new features are constantly being added. Soon, everyone’s cellphones start to have bigger disk space (or memory) to keep their data, which is mostly in the form of games, audio and video files. As the memory of cell phones continue to increase, application developers are able to create more sophisticated games to be played on the cellphones.

Most of these games require the cell phone owner to download a small installation file, which then installs the game into the cell phone. Only after the installation can the cell phone owner get to enjoy the game. Still, these games are played largely by the cellphone owners alone.

But all that is about to change with Facebook’s unique developer platform. Facebook is the first social community website that allows developers to tap into its database of millions of users worldwide, by allowing them to create third party games and applications for the website. Once an application or game has been developed, all Facebook members can get access to them very easily. Usually, installing a new game or application involves only two or three simple clicks. But what does Facebook has to do with cell phone games?

You see, the greatest thing about social websites is that all members are encouraged to interact freely on the website. So when they see a cool game or application, there is a high chance that they will, in turn, tell all their friends in their network. And great games and applications get a chance to grow on Facebook’s network.

Furthermore, interaction is fueled by the various third party games and applications that have been freely available on Facebook’s website. Games such as Corruption Unlimited continues to provide hours and hours of entertainment for Facebook members. One of its unique feature is that it allows gamers to participate in the game using their cell phones.

The game is highly interactive, and comes complete with a leaderboard to keep track of all scours on the official website. So all gamers get to see where they stand in the game. Top players may also be rewarded with cool prizes.

Compare Corruption Unlimited with the traditional Java mobile games, and we see a huge contrast. Very likely, most Java mobile games will go the way of the dinosaur. So the next time you are looking for some new and interesting games to play on your cell phones, be sure to check out Corruption Unlimited. It’s free, and all you need is a Facebook account, a browser and an internet connection to join.

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