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Harry Potter Game

Harry Potter Games

PS2 8 Game Lot #1 Playstaion 2 GaMeS
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Nintendo Wii, 2009)
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Nintendo GameCube, 2002)
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Xbox Games

USED Grand Theft Auto III (CapKore) Japan Import PS2
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Qubed - Xbox 360
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USED J. League Winning Eleven 9 Asia Championship Japan Import PS2
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New Retron 2 System - Nintendo NES & Super Nintendo -- SNES GRAY
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Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires 3


Diablo 3 Review

Diablo 3 holds the record for being the fastest selling PC game in the first 24 hours of its release. Yes, they sold more than 3.5 million copies. As Diablo 1 and 2 were the most popular and well loved games of all times, gamers went crazy when they heard that Diablo 3 was coming out. No wonder the sales went sky high.

In case you have not played the game yet and are looking for a Diablo 3 review that will give you an insight to the game, keep reading and you will know all that you need to know.

Diablo 3 Narrative

Those who have already played the first two games would know all about the history of the game and war between heaven and hell. The Diablo 3 story line is set 20 years after where Diablo 2 finishes off. These 20 years are shown to be the period of relative peace and Diablo 3 begins with things starting to stir up again.

Here in Diablo 3, Diablo exist to be the leading evil and he also possesses the soul stone whereby the lord of soul entrapped in it. He assult heaven and since he is very strong in his physical form , the guardian angels from heaven could not resist him.

Tyrael, an angel who’s got banish from his divinity to aid mankind and Nephalem follow him to high heaven where they find out that he is intending to corrupt the crystal arch that has the ultimate source of energy of the angels. They defeat Diablo and Tyreal return the high heaven as part of his mortal form, attempting to build a permanent alliance between humans and angels.

Diablo 3 – Graphics

One of the best things I will comment on in this Diablo 3 is the graphics of the game. The whole action packed, fast moving, monster killing action is fluid and flawless and the excellent quality of the graphic doesn’t waver in the most action packed moments. Classified as a game with an overhead perspective, it has better 3D qualities than any other game. You will see real depth in the terrain and landscape and everything is highly detailed.

Diablo III Sounds

As far as the sound effects are concerned, they are as good as the graphics. The music compliments the environment. It is not jarring or obnoxious at any time throughout the course of the game.

Diablo 3 Game Action Review

The action play is professional. Even in the speediest and most intense chaotic combat sequences, the dynamics are not missed even for a second. To allow the gamers to actually have fun with different experiences while replaying the video game

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New Retron 2 System - Nintendo NES & Super Nintendo -- SNES GRAY
  • Current Price: $29.99
  • Ends: Aug 25, 2017 20:32:56 Z

Win At Chess By Learning The Names Of Chess Pieces And Their Role In The Game

Win At Chess By Learning The Names Of Chess Pieces And Their Role In The Game

Chess is a game of strategic movements; with your ultimate goal being to checkmate the king belonging to the other player. When a king is in checkmate, he is in a position where he cannot escape capture. Every piece to the game is highly valuable (regardless of rank). Your men (and one powerful female) will include pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, a king, and a queen. One must understand the role and names of chess pieces for success.

The first pawn move can be either one or two squares but only toward the opposing side. After that, it can only move one square forward at a time. Your pawn can only move forward and it can only overtake an opponent piece that is one square diagonally in front of it. A pawn may be of low rank but as you will learn through study and playing, they are quite valuable in defending the higher ranks.

The two knights are also unique in a couple of ways. They are the only pieces that may jump over other men on the board. And each move will consist of going two directions (to cover three squares). The three squares must create an L shape. In other words, the knight may move forward two squares and then once to the left or right. You may include any direction but the diagonal to make that L move.

The two bishops you are given may move diagonally. This straight line movement has the benefit of being able to move over as many squares as you choose. Jumping pieces is not allowed. As with most of your other pieces, bishops are not allowed to jump over other men.

When playing the rook you may move forward, sideways or backward. No jumping is allowed and the rook cannot move on the diagonal. However, the move may include any number of squares. As with the other pieces, the rook move ends when you make a capture or when you choose to stop your straight line play.

The final two pieces in the game of chess are the queen and king. As long as the queen does not move over any of her own pieces, she may move over as many squares as she likes. She may move in any direction (backward, sideways, diagonally or forward). The queen is the most capable piece due to the moves she is allowed to make. Where the queen is the most capable, the king is the most valuable in rank. With all his value he is still only able to move one square at a time (though it is in any direction).

One should definitely undertake some further study of rules and possible moves as it can improve your game. As you learn and practice, you will probably find that the game of chess is a calming pastime. However, you must understand the role and names of chess pieces for success.

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